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Sep 10,  · Un tutoriel vidéo pour vous apprendre à connecter une carte mère dans un boîtier. Dès qu'elle est fixée dans un boîtier vous devez relier les bouton démarrer, reset, voyants et autres à.

The best paragraph is: The Dark Years are Here.. Négocier plus de instruments. Love your weekend posts. El Salvador - Español.

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comment faire pr activer la connexion. Effectivement, la carte réseau local était bien désactivée. Je l'ai réactivée grâce à l'utilitaire de résolution des problemes windows.

Vu que le ping est bon, c'est un problème logiciel virus bien caché et pas détecté? Je vais ré-essayer pour être sûr. Et pour récupérer mon ip, je fais bien: Ce n'est pas une commande DOS, c'est une commande. Ce qui est accessible sous Windows, c'est "l'interface de la ligne de commande" pour te compléter. Indiques nous aussi ce que te mets simplement le "ipconfig" de base, si à tout hasard il ne s'agirait pas d'un bête problème de DNS en IP fixe. Oui je dis "fenêtre DOS", je suis un vieux qui a connu Windows 3.

Si c'est pas matériel: J'aurais pas à démonter le pc demain mais alors qu'est-ce que c'est. Si le ping est bon, que les DNS sont bons, qu'au niveau antivirus et pare-feu c'est bon, alors là. Ils l'ont fait une fois quand je les ai contacté. Je l'ai fait moi-même avec le bouton reset et la procédure trouvée sur Internet.

Mais Bouygues botte en touche en disant que si j'ai la télé, le téléphone et internet sur mon pc portable alors ca vient de mon pc fixe et pas de leur réseau. Mais d'un autre côté selon les tests ping et DNS que vous m'avez faire, la carte réseau semble bien fonctionner. J'ai quelques éléments nouveaux.

Mon pc reste toujours allumé et j'ai été surpris de le voir faire une mise à jour pour Itunes. Comment il peut faire une mise à jour sans accès internet? Je cherche dans BitDefender ce qui pourrait bloquer mais je trouve pas Un de mes logiciels pour dissimuler mon ip sur internet me bloquait l'internet. Je ne l'ai pas trouvé de suite car j'ai installé sa mise à jour bien avant de perdre la connexion Internet.

I swear they have my trading account tapped and do whatever will cause me the most problems. Tell the lie and repeat the lie until it is indistinguishable from the truth. There were incredible war events going on at the time.

The US had just completed the Doolittle raid on Tokyo check out the movie too, it well tell you alot about the spirit and emotion at the time …this was a major confidence booster for the US. Prior to this raid, everyone thought that Japan was untouchable, unreachable.

Check out this timeline collage…. I don't find many parallels between that and today. Sorry to start ranting….. Do you read Cara? I used to think Bill Cara was a bit naive for stressing Social Equity so much, not any more.

Did you see the massive futures traded at end of Friday…. Imagine that…I shorted JNK right before people started wanting to pay a premium for junk…. Most 'approaches' people use lead to losses — it's the eternal curse of the retail trader. Trying to find that holy grail that allows you to predict the market. How would that have been useful on July 13 — just over two weeks ago? I think this is a strong signal that people are simply confused — they are desperately looking for answers.

Did you hear someone listen to Duran Duran? Because if you were you might have invented a time traveling system.

It does help, Mole. I'm watching price pattern and that's why I'm not shorting this market. I was in a discussion with amgrant a couple of weeks ago as I was interested in his price projection, and I mentioned to him on July 16, a couple of days after this rally started, that his price projection looks a lot like price movement after a plunge, and immediately literally within 5 minutes he dropped all of his short positions, and he sure was right to take that action at that point as he totally understood the ramification of price action.

I also took Gann's seminar and that's exactly what they do — take the price movement from the past and extrapolate it to the present for the price projection. All I'm saying is that different people use different approaches to come up with a price projection.

It's not coming from desperation or confusion. What may be working with you does not necessarily work for others. We are all doing our best to help ourselves with whatever available out there. I don't think there is any reason that you should reject to it. Yipes, some severly damaged goods… Over cooked panic sells often get a technical oversold bounce..

Play it tight whatever you decide, imo. I thought so Guitar! Gee they have a decent quarter! Yea that's a bit too OTM for me, but you can look it this way a cheap lotto ticket right? By incentivizing Americans to destroy fully paid-for cars so they can go deeper into debt buying brand new ones, the government weakens an already crippled economy. The last thing we want to do is subsidize Americans to go deeper into debt by buying more stuff. Don't they realize that is precisely the behavior that got us into this mess?

This video shows them making comparisons http: Still…until the bulls can punch convincingly thru …they are a bunch of pusses…. Thats why this Ron Paul audit of the Fed is so laughable. An international organization will supplant the various central banks. The Fed, as we know it, is becoming expendable. Imagine the world in a pissing contest started originally between China and the US.

You can see how much is being held in everyone's bladders in the link below: Yes, he compared the chart of the 5 years before the crash to the ramp up before the crash. He concluded that we were headed another huge crash. He got the crash right, but it wasn't nearly as deep or long as he predicted. Sorry to totally jack Joe's chart, but this is what I think he's saying in current timeframe. Agreed, on retracement this week, as I mentioned earlier Thursday and Friday, both days closed the low of the day, a short term bearish signal.

Weekly SPY still under its We'll have to see how it responds to that level. The Bear market is not over, just taking a break. He has kept me out of trouble many of times. Because of his past experience as a trader I find he has this 6th sense about the market. But I have to admit the people who post on his daily blog really add very little to finding good trades. How about you, do you read what is posted in his daily blog by the other posters? Thanks for the link to your site. That chart is something..

So you believe we are headed down this week even if it is just for a few days? I been thinking about shorting JNK. That ratio in my chart above is JNK: I bet you, early this week you should see your JNK short, turn green. Bonds traders have been selling into this rally the moment it started. The bond disconnect is evident and clear to all, no magic there. In a normal world general markets oppose fixed income markets and this has been shown to not be the case in the recent past.

I doubt it, when there is eassssy money the last thing you do is shut down, but prices dont lie and traders are only human and they are selling this general market rally as they can not stomach reality or government intervention reality. Do as you wish but do not use charts on bonds or you will get slaughtered. Thanks for your feed back.

So you don't believe there is a correlation between JNK: Great post as always. I don't post ofter but I love Evil site. I believe you are spot on when saying this market is not like any other market in time. OK when you look at how other times behaved…. Please understand that every no exception bond prices off of Treasuries, its a function of spread over riskless spread Ts. Is the spread visible on JNK? No its not, but only price action is visible and if you compute that price action against TLT or Ts you can view the real relationship.

As a bond trader I can not correlate riskless spread with risk spread bcs the two do not react to the same forces, albeit they might react positively or negatively to similar behaviours their ultimate price discovery movements are by definition different and inconsequential to the real risk of bonds no exception , which is default. I am watching how you trade. You are one of the few who went long when everybody else was bearish and keep adding on regardless of what people say on this board.

You are doing great. Whole bunch of cycles that come into play Stuck in an airport on my way home. I'm just an ES player but I will be looking at a few other things this week.

But the 16ish forward PE is reasonable — not that those numbers are real. Also, I think the NQs will lead the way down. I don't have time to run a trade log and post all the things I'm doing.

This week I'm looking for a 5 wave move down. Will probably dump everything starting on down. Then a bounce back to the range should set up for the If all goes according to plan does it ever? DE at 47 is a very good short—problem is DE is only at 44 http: And I think it makes no sense whatsoever to compare with or or BC — the ONLY thing that all speculative endeavors have in common is human nature. The answer I'd like to know: Otherwise why do we need to keep toilet bowl sterile?

Sarcasim, is exactly the same… the beginning 0, it's the three years later that would be the point of worry. The rate of decent is very similar … How far down it goes I have no idea… But they do seem to be ryming for whatever reason. Time decent comparison chart… http: It depends on what goes in the bottle Lysol is too strong for me, it would kill me and probably the market's rise too. Symbol, Purchase price, and percentage gain loss. Well, I did not realize that I had to specify what was in the bottle I am drinking from — I am used to hang out with people who don't drink Lysol, but you might be right — the way it is progressing — they will want us to drink it as well.

I don't think many technicals work well in comparison, since the Minsky Moment came immediately in the down turn compared to collapsing a year later in the current downturn. Anyway, I'm looking more at things like UE, since historically markets tend to keep dropping until UE peaks. According to Greenspan, Q3 growth may hit a surprising 2.

No, I did not short it.. Mostly playing etf's but I still look at individual stocks especially the high flyers and big hitters. Seriously, short China now. Check out this piece from today's Shanghai Daily about the central authorities cutting liquidity. Say a kitty prayer for Carmela as I nurse her back to hopefully good health! Maybe this will help them puppies. Thanks Sir Cockadoodledo, now let me play my favorite Jeff Beck for you: Hey Fuji, thanks for the great info!

Their roadmap had the pair breaking out of a 4th wave triangle indicating that the uptrend would resume. A lot of the content in their free emails is just marketing stuff, but there's also some useful info like the charts in the above link. Guess I'll get it started.

Haven't seen this count. Let me know if you need shorter time frame or longer. Sorry about the kitty, would some salt and minerals in her water help? Sort of like a kitty gatorade. I would also add that the Nikkei might be a better model, since the cause and policy responses were closer to ours. Really nailed that one. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to trade it as I am on vacation this week. Realized Versus Implied Volatility.

What Would Socrates Do? Out In The Green. A Rate Hike It Is. Living Inside a Broken Clock. Snorefest Wednesday Rub Down. The End Is Near! Ok, so much for the currency charts. Here are some ETFs for the regular audiences. SPY Chart — still some room to the upside? IWM — Breaking above the neckline? How to start Forex If you are interested in trading forex, please start small. Have a good weekend, everyone! Sign up here to receive my FREE early morning briefing: Mole created Evil Speculator amidst the chaos of the financial crisis in early August of His vision for Evil Speculator is a refuge of reason, hands-on trading knowledge, and inspiration for traders of all ages and stripes.

You can follow him and his nefarious schemes at the usual social media waterholes. Consider a small donation to keep those evil deeds coming! Hi Fujisan I trade currencies and gold. It will be interesting to read the COT reports this weekend. Short for Monday …. Have a good weekend everyone. See you at the bell. Yes, you did, Anna. I borrowed that from you! I will keep it coming! Damn the torpedoes Full speed ahead?

I picked up a SYNA call spread I did also Anna, after seeing your comments. Sell-off seems to be quite overdone. Hell, I had some pot last week and it felt just like ! Fuji, do you expect us to propel much higher than then?