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Americký akciový index Dow Jones uzavřel dnešní obchodování na dalším rekordním celý týden si připsal 2,25 procenta, což představuje jeho nejvýraznější týdenní nárůst od července, píše agentura DPA.

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I first posted this four years ago on May 16 A friend of mine recently read it and suggested I repost it because the prophecies given here are still just beginning to be fulfilled, so it is just as relevant today as it was then and we are now four years closer. Paul Keith Davis shared the.

A sharp surge in trade deficit too impacted the rupee. Furthermore, depreciation of the Turkish lira against the dollar after the US imposed tariffs on steel and aluminium imports also put pressure on the Indian rupee, they added. The rupee had gained 4 paise, to close at Rupee crashes below record mark, ends lower by 43 paise against US currency as oil prices spike.

Petrol, diesel prices reduced by Rs 2. Duty rates have been cut on fuel, but how long can this be sustained? New chief Sandeep Bakhshi has been with lender since Pro Kabaddi League Pakistan Women beat Bangladesh Women by 58 runs.

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Thank you for your post. I have seen a very similar vision of fireballs falling on Central Texas. The details were posted earlier on z3new. The three groups of people represent those who we will encounter in the great harvest during the time of the tribulation as various judgments of God befall the peoples of the world.

There will be the religious people who will be so steeped in their dogmas and traditions that they will not be able to hear the truth and will be lost. Their hearts are hard and will not be changed by the Gospel or the Truth. The second group represent those who are of the world and totally lost. The final group represents those who will recognize the hand of God in the various catastrophic judgements of the last days. Their hearts will be changed and will be ready to receive the gospel, repent and be saved.

You mention that these are youth. I believe that they are new babes in Christ. Needing the milk of the Word. May God bless, guide and protect all of the true believers who see these events and go forth to bring in the harvest. Lester, may I ask where in Central Texas? I live in Luling, approximately 45 minutes south of Austin. This large meteor breaks into at least 3 smaller meteors and thousands of bus size to baseball size and while the meteors hit all over the world , the United States takes the worst of it.

One large meteor hits in the Atlantic , one close to the Gulf of Mexico and one off the west coast of Canada. This event the LORD is telling me is close. I had a similar dream a month or so ago. The 10 toes represent the UN security council which rules the UN, the last kingdom of the world.

The UN security council is ruled by 10 countries, 5 permanent members on one foot and 5 non permanent members on the other foot. Daniel also tells us that these toes are a mixture of peoples which they are as they are from different countries and also he tells us that they are made up of iron and clay.

The iron and clay defines our modern societies as our buildings, walkways and a lot of our structures are made with iron and clay, reinforced concrete is made up of a clay like substance Cement mixed with Iron which like clay goes hard. Revelation also tells us the stars in heaven will drop onto the Earth and one particular star will smash into the earth and open the furnace below. Then I saw a comment on https: Both looking like incindiary fireballs.

A whirlwind that came from heaven at his departing? I think Gill Broussard has the best handle on Planet X and how it has passed the earth many times on a year orbit rather than a year orbit proposed by Sitchen. It is packed with information and is biblical and also based in other religions and Chinese history. Elwell explains how God has used Planet X as his judgement seat. From the Amazon description: Planet X presents compelling evidence that this mysterious tenth planet was used by God to not only create the heavens and Earth, but also to herald the birth of Christ as the Star of Bethlehem, and to herald His return in the End-Times as the Sign of the Son of Man and the End of the Age.

Ivette Ellis Ivette is a prophetic scribe and author. Notify of new replies to this comment. March 5, 2: Ivette, Thank you for your post. April 20, 4: March 5, 5: March 5, 3: March 6, Yes indeed Ivette have had a few similar visions recently, time must be drawing nigh. Then there were multiple planets in the sky that were so close and huge like never before seen and then I was hiding behind a huge mountain and chaos ensued with many cars backed up on the highway.

Have also seen these meteors and planets to come are a major forewarning to a pole shift and megaquake Rev. Its quite possible all 3 happen somewhat simultaneously. It was much brighter and incredibly high def and sharp vivid colors in the changed but similar landscape.

In another recent vision, I saw chaos in the streets and told a friend that the huge blood red planet in the sky was Nibiru.

Its massive size and electromagnetic pull is what will cause our poles to rapidly shift In fact are shifting now like a spinning top the closer this planet orbits near us. March 4, 8: March 7, 4: March 7, 7: Join Our Mailing List: Donate to Z3 News: Rise up, stand up. Take your appointed seat at the table. Indeed the spiritual assaults and physical intimidations were reaching a peak since the past 3 years now for me.

Last week I was allowed… Lorna Graham on The barley first fruits company will be surrounded and protected in the day of trouble. Christopher saw a move from 12 cents to 20 cents then 59 cents.

Good grief, G, A.