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Contact HDFC Bank: Find below customer care details of HDFC Bank, including phone and address. Reach the below contacts for queries on new banking accounts, credit cards, debit cards, net banking, personal/education loans or others.

During january , i had requested hdfc customer care to stop sending monthly statement by courier and organise to e-mail it to me. They mailed me e-statement registration form. I had filled the form and sent by post to the address given. But now also i am getting statement by courier. The problem what i am facing is, once it reaches my office, it will not get delivered to me in time.

If i am not in seat, they will just keep it aside and never will reach me. Due to all these complications only i requested for e-statement.

Till today hdfc credit card division not bothered to accept my request and they are going on couriering monthly statement. How to find a solution for this. I have a Dmat account where I was doing daily transaction of my own.

Three years before I took an advice from the HDFC Shares Executive and she invested all my funds in wrong shares which returned in heavy losses till now. Also there is no follow up for the same. No one is aware of the process involved and getting resolution is a dream.

They blocked my credit card for the mistake of their own, though they own the responsibility, they make me run pillar to post for getting it re-activated. Am still waiting for the resolution. HDFC sucks big time.. Never bank with them. Very bad and irregular service. Matter brought in notice even to Managing Director but no result. They will rip you off at every opportunity, whether you are a big customer or a small one.

Their only motto in life is to make money and increase the bottom line and make profits by their share price.. You can publish email address of mine, a valued HDFC customer. A service is valued the way customer is handled when he has a problem due to HDFC bank system failure. Recently while i was booking railway ticket my HDFC debit card blocked reason not specified, enough fund was available, data filled correct. When reported to customer care they are making me run from pillar to pillar.

HDFC Bank telephone support is really bad. They make us wait too long and give no proper solution. No amount received but debited. No reverse ATM withdrawal. Even i have also faced the same problem in Hyderabad. I am holding the Hdfc debit card. I have withdrawn amount from DCB bank ATM, as the server was down while withdrawing,i did not get money,but it seems money was deducted from my account. I could not understand what to do in this scenario.

I had a credit card. I paid and settelled but I did not get no dues certificate. I made so many phone calls. So please be serious. A monthly installment goes on every Ist of the month from my account to Axis bank.

Its kind of harrassment and I am sure if no action is taken fast I have to go for consumer court. If these many years are not enough for good relation with a bank, I am deeply saddened!! Bank branch manager and Deepa from same bank made false promises for 3 months that it will be reversed but never done.

Finally I had to go for closing of my account on last thursday 11th Jan but it is not closed still and again the AQB charges are levied even though I have 25, in my account.. Its really crazy, I cannot understand why my account is not closed immediately and why AQB charges when I have mimimum balance.

Infact i have never done any Trading. I need my customer id no for net banking purpose,and please reverse the registration fees of Rs. I have got the loan of Rs 4. I have contacted HDFC guys for this issue but every time they said that by mistake they have paid the amount to other dealer and it will take days to get corrected.

Now more than a month has gone and my temp registration number has expired and I have to apply for registration but the dealer has refused to give me the sale letter because they have not received the payment of the car from HDFC. This is my humble request to take the necessary action against the culprits and release the money to the dealer. Our business is being affected due to poor service. Your website is down since yesterday and shows error. We have a current account and need to at least 50 NEFT transactions each day.

This is not good for a reputed bank like yours. I have received monthly account statement through mail but did not get the password to open kindly send me my password. I have changed my mobile no. How can I update my mobile no. On the 26th of November at I tried to explain to the person in charge, but he bluntly expressed ignorance, and asked me to report to HDFC. In the event of the above, please let me know what to do. Dear Provider For my customer number I had given in writing to reduce my tax structure from the present No action is being done as of now.

Could you investigate its status and revert to me at your earliest convenience. I would like to confirm one thing that can i withdraw my remaing balance in prepaid forex plus card from India. In case yes then what is the procedure for the same? I mean i can withdraw the money via ATM or i will have follow any other procedure.

Currently i am working in bangalore and native place is vijayawada. I would like to change my branch. Could you please let me know is it possible to change salary account branch from Hyd to Vijayawada.

How can I get statements of over 3 yrs? Online does not have that facility. I have HDFC credit card but started using it for the last few months only. I have cash withdrawal facility and used last month to take some money.

They did not mention that if I withdraw money they will charge Rs. I wanted some rs. When I see my nov. That means for Rs. This is a loot. Why they are telling a lie that they give 50 days credit for using credit card? Why they fool the public? I want to know what is the longest tenure for property loan.. If I take loan of around 15 lakh for 15 years what will be EMI per month. I had got a call from one of your executives if i am interested in applying for personal loan.

As i wanted to apply i readily agreed and submitted the documents they requested for. I had also signed the application form they had got to my work place. Its been 3 months and i am asked to produce some or other document and is being delayed. Iam not happy with what is happening. I had a credit card of your company.

The card was misplaced from me in mar I had given the payment through recovery aegnt.. Please close my account asap. Pleaes cancel the transaction and revert the entry. The next page will now ask for your PAN card details. Please provide your PAN card number and date of birth. Make sure that you enter your PAN card details correctly as that can not be changed later. Now once you submit the PAN details it will forward you to the payment page where you need to pay the Zerodha account opening fee.

Once the account opening fee is paid you will receive a mail confirming the payment from Major Pay. Now the system will ask you to upload the following things: In this way, your client id can be generated within 5 minutes.

You can also start trading once the account is opened and you will also receive trading id and password and back office id and password through the mail. But you need to submit 2 pages hard copies within next one week to continue trading. You only need to print sign and send the following 2 pages to Zerodha head office: Address to send courier: Indrajit is a professional blogger and trading system developer.

Trading since , he has started the journey of StockManiacs. He follows Indian and world stock markets closely.