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The candels do disappear and sometimes change from on day to the next. I waited till GFT could not claim it was an error or oversight. Chart Studio has over variations on technical analyses for the trader who wants to devise his own charting system.

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With GFT you lose money if if you make money. I am amazed they get away with what they do How have they not been shut down?

They close trades with tonnes of equity left in the account, they take huge fees out of profitable trades which then has them result in loses, and their software glitches at the most inconvient moments.

The funniest part is that their motto is 'above all integrity' This company should be shut down! How do they get away with it? CFD Crypto Currency — a promising and highly liquid financial instrument for trading and investment. Owing to the capitalization growth and high volatility.

CFD Crypto Currency remarkably expands traders' opportunities, thus allowing to gain when cryptocurrency is rising or falling. I trade with them about 9 months.

First 3 months, I was not so skillful, I lost money; but the last 6 months, I made money. Good or not good; sometimes, it may depend how skillful we are. The longer we trade, the better we will. The usage of this website constitutes acceptance of the following legal information.

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Company's Market Position The company is positioned as an MM, but the banks-partners liquidity suppliers are not listed. We expect that your forex account will return to its normal status soon so that you can continue trading forex markets normally. Please note that your forex trading experience will remain the same after this transition. Account holders will receive additional communications from GFT in the future to continue to provide more information to you about this transition.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you this evening, but we believe this is the best course of action for both you, our customer, and GFT. Account holders who wish to access funds in their accounts can do so here. Somebody is really trying to make this pig pretty it sounds like! With no growth in the US, and not pursing exchange traded products or even multi asset GUIs in the US this move makes sense in leveraging TDs US footprint keeping them close and happy to focus on markets where the business cost to rev growth ratio is much better.

Therefore, trade sizes are down to 1K and brings down the averages. Yeah, u right, they should…. Bad, Bad, Bad form. A little heads up would have been nice.

Oh, thats right, if they did that then every one in the U. Retail would have pulled out. Something really stinks since if they chose this way of closing USA branch, which probably will make many people pull out from other branches, that indicates that something is really wrong.

I have no account with GFT although I considered opening one with GFT Japan at one stage but if they will not even allow clients to withdraw their own margin then it smells of something very bad.

I predicted it again! This time I was at the controls. I bought and it surged back up 10, pips. To my dismay it disappeared within about 5 seconds. I called the dealing desk and they told me it was an invalid rate?

There was a pip spread. When I made the one hundred pips it went to , when I made it went , when I made it went to When I made it was at the bottom. Not bad for making pips aye? Today the dollar is down once again, exchange rates on the internet show a reflection of this, yet the GFT chart is going in the opposite direction fast.

There also seems to be some stop hunting going on. If I put in a stop even an absurdly low or high stop, seems to go just far enough to trgger the stop within 1 or two pips before it turns back around. Of course if I don't put in a stop guess what happens.

The deck is definatly stacked against you with these guys. I have also had stop orders triggered pips below where I placed them just before it changed directions. They always have some BS excuse and It is always at your expense not theirs. DealBook is the best trading software I have used!

Great charting and tools! You can even trade directly from the chart. I even have an account manager. GFT Forex has great customer service and support! Institutional control is VERY lacking. Loading is too slow. GFT, please do something about it or you will never get a 5 stars from me. They are very pushy to open a standard account as some form of commission must be involved. After opening an real account and with success trading keep a good eye on your statments as small amounts are deducted with regular trades.

Oh and you were in the roll over time period which is different from the country you trade from. I have never encountered it but when I enquired the reason was it depends on the volatility of the market.

There boasting on plus indicators is useless in a fundamental market as seen nowdays. Besides if you want to confuse your trade use more than 10 indicators. GFT has a policy whereby GFT will remove funds from your trading account days after you thought you had booked a profit or loss and closed the trade.

GFT carefully tries to camouflage this fact and will tap dance around the issue. GFT is a market maker and counter-party to the trade. GFT by its agents initially orally and electronically denied it's hidden charges in order to induce me to open a trading account with GFT and eventually used every conceivable means to dispute the irrefutable.

The GFT chief dealer, Mr. Kurt Hoeksema maintains that he is following the GFT company policy and that it was common. I polled all the FX brokers that I could find with Google and this statement proved to be false. GFT embarked on a policy that violated Federal and State law by utilizing intimidating, contradictory and misleading verbal and written communications prior to making a cash offer in an effort to induce me to sign a mutual confidential settlement agreement.

At present GFT is refusing me access to my trading account and the cash therein in an attempt to coerce me to accept their offer. GFT now claims that my exposure did not end till the settlement date which was 5 days later because GFT lost money between the time I closed my trade and the settlement date that GFT had to pay it's Bank.

GFT is neither an ECN nor a major bank and removes or adds funds to or from the traders account on exact date and time as displayed on their closed trades file. GFT then removes funds from the traders account at its sole discretion, with prior notification after the trade is closed. GFT has a fiduciary duty to protect the client against unanticipated losses. GFT could have taken steps to protect all parties concerned but failed to do so.

GFT could follow the lead of reputable ECN'S and major banks and which clearly disclose their settlement policy and offer advice on how to protect yourself from undesirable currency movements by eliminating all exposure with a Continuous Linke Settlement which is a. The Forex dictionary definition of a closed position reads as follows:. A transaction which offsets a previous open position. If anyone has an opinion on this I would appreciate hearing from you.

Yours sincerely, Alex Findlay FXcompliance comcast.