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SongCat 0.7 is done! Alpha soon!

2017-06-27 19:40:15


With big pleasure, I would like to announce a new unstable build of SongCat. This version brings better radiostation management (it’s possible to remove selected items), song details  (viewing meta tags and editing them), an icon on the playlist with the currently-played song, a context menu on the playlist and a possibility of window resizing by mouse, and many fixes and quick improvements.
I’ve changed the release plan: alpha releases will be marked as 0.9, and beta as 1.0.
There will be 3 releases of alpha and (I hope) 2 of beta.  Currently, I can’t announce  the date of a stable release. I think it will be possible after the last alpha release.

SongCat 0.7 is available for download here.

After a long break, SongCat 0.6

2017-06-18 22:35:32

Hi! It has been a long time since the last update but work under SongCat are still continued.

Many plans were changed but there are no plans for droping project.


Here, you can find the details on what the release brings:

- moving songs from library to play queue,

- better playlist management

- updated icons

- playing radio streams

- posibility of saving radio streams in collections


Very soon next release. Currently works are focused on desktop releases and until beta only Linux builds will be published.



Unstable SongCat is available for download here.

Delayed SongCat 0.5 for Linux and FreeBSD

2017-03-25 23:35:20


After a little delay, new SongCat build is finished.

This build provides an updated icon set, improvements for music libraries and a lot of bug fixes.

Unstable SongCat is available for download here.

Stay tuned! Next builds soon!

This is the time for the first devilish build!

2017-03-13 09:09:39

Hi all!

Today, I published yet another build.

This compilation provides features like double-click to play on play queue, new playlists view with the possibility to add new playlists (currently without songs) and release information on settings view.  The most important news on this release is the first devilish build. What does it mean? SongCat 0.4 is the first release available for FreeBSD.

Remember! SongCat is still unstable. As previously, you can download SongCat here.

It's time to say meow to Android

2017-03-05 20:48:49

The first meowly build for Android is finished. Its unstable and it doesn't play music.

In this meowly, we have only conceptual non-functional views. Soon, next Android build.

SongCat mobile is available for download here.

New meowly build arrived!

2017-02-25 21:22:48

New SongCat build is available.
Build 34 provides better play queue management, highlighting the current song on the list, custom window border (with controls), icons on the sidebar, initial settings view, appending songs to the queue from standard input and some fixes.

SongCat 0.3 is available for download from here.

Stay tuned! Soon first Android build will be published.

New meowly build and release plan for desktop edition

2017-02-20 15:05:52

A new unstable meowly build for Linux of the desktop version of SongCat is available. This release was marked as 0.2.
The new SongCat improves fixes for the main playlist.

You can download it here.

Stable release date is still not set but I created a plan for next releases:


  • until v. 0.8, unstable milestone releases

  • 6 alpha versions marked as 0.8

  • 2 beta versions marked as 0.9

  • 1.0 – stable releases

I hope to release a stable version in May.


Website for songcat is ready!

2017-02-17 03:43:33


Im very happy to annouce that the SongCat website is done! You will find here a lot of stuff related to the SongCat player. Checkout the site, download builds and stay tuned!