How to keep a Forex trading journal and make it your personal mentor

Sep 27,  · Maybe my last month with forex trading journal Unexpected Finding Of A Winning Forex Trading System oswaldmotape 4 hr ago. 4 hr ago. Close and reverse the AUDJPY position now. Trading Journals | 7, replies Frank replied 2 hr 9 min ago {quote} I have likewise, and such a waste of valuable energy. .

As you can see from the image above, the additional data points for a closed trade include…. Before, I was entering and exiting at least trades per day. Edgewonk is used by hundreds of traders from all around the world with different currencies and trading accounts and we accounted for all the differences.

What You Measure Grows

Sep 17,  · Forum forex, section du forum Votre journal de trading. Rédigez votre journal de trading et faites nous vivre vos exploits et votre méthode au quotidien!

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