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Dec 17,  · OBV - basically gg53 over there has been suggesting that the basic OBV formula is flawed as it the move of the indicator is not proportional to the actual move in price. So (from my limited understanding) the OBV indi uses the full volume of the bar move even if the price move was only +1 pip for example.

For instance, if price is rising but the OBV has begun to drop then a possible selling opportunity may exist. Technical Analysis at its Best. Divergence occurs when the OBV pattern does not move in concert with the price, while confirmation of trend strength can be signaled when the two move together. This divergence is an indication of an impending reversal. The On Balance Volume calculation can then be easily applied by the trading software as a line or bar chart to the bottom of the chart.

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Forex Factory is many things, but for me its main use is the economic calendar. They also offer trading forums and news plus it’s a really good community of traders over at the Forex Factory Forum. Economic calendars are very important for any trader who is trading the Forex market especially if they are using smaller time frames (smaller.

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