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Each ship is usually capable of equipping a wide array of weapons, usually limited by the constructing race and ship size. I will just try out a various number of sectors. Preview X3 System Datasheet. You need a Mineral Scanner to be able to do this mission.

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The basics of trading Trading is when you buy a good or goods from a station, then take them somewhere else and sell them for a higher price. The amount of profit you will make depends on the amount of goods and the price you can sell them for.

Any help is highly appreciated. Valentin 3 3 7. Thanks, I will give that a try. I will just try out a various number of sectors. Hopefully it will work at some point Keep at it, and don't forget to keep an eye on their level and reissue the command as necessary. Under ideal conditions, a sector trader with jump range of 2 will have access to 9 times the number of sectors and therefore stations and deals a 1st level trader would.

Valentin I recommend starting out your sector traders in empire's edge. Its got almost a complete loop there and is perfect to train them up to become universe traders. I wouldn't bother reissuing the order until they hit level 8 when they turn into universe traders. Empire's edge is the perfect training ground.

You can see the pilot's level in the ship information menu I think the hotkey is U when targeting the ship.

Are you sure there were profitable deals to be made in the sector e. Does the ship have enough free cargo space? Is the freighter fully shielded and equipped with a jumpdrive? Sometimes they will enter standby while awaiting delivery of shields and jumpdrive, though that should only happen with UTs, not STs. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Especially if you want your trader to run double-duty and also prioritize selling your own goods. Before starting out as a Universe Trader, the ship will need several pieces of equipment, and must meet several requirements prior to becoming a Universe Trader.

Firstly, the ship must be equipped with Trade Command Software Mk3. Starting Universe Traders is as simple as getting a Trader of a high enough rank, and ordering him to "Begin Universe Trading". After doing that, you ought to be able to largely forget about them - meaning that the majority of the work is put in while they are a Sector Trader, as such, while this guide is aimed at the long-run thinking about getting Universe Traders , the beginning is aimed primarily at Sector Traders - as you cannot have a Universe Trader without first having a Sector Trader.

After you equip a ship from the above classes with the Trade Command Software mk3, you will be able to issue the order of "Trade: This will hire a pilot who will begin trading on your behalf - buying wares in the sector you select for a good price, and selling them to other stations for a good price. The speed of training depends on the number and the value of trades made.

There's little reason to train pilots in quicker ships, then moving them to bigger ones to do actual work. Traders Pilot Levels As Pilots level up, they gain more abilities. The most important ranks to pay attention to are:. Below are a list of basic recommendations. Feel free to do whatever you want, unlike the information above, this isn't binding within the game, but most of it is a mixture of common sense and experience, so if you're doing something differently, perhaps consider if it really is the best way to do things?

If you factor in price vs. Especially as several ships on this list are either difficult to purchase, or outright unavailable without capturing them. To break even quicker, and to avoid piling up losses when the ship is shot down, it's advised to avoid installing too much equipment. There is no common consensus as of Albion Prelude as to which sectors are best to start in, however in Reunion, several of the best sectors included:.

Generally it's easiest to train pilots in sectors which have solar power plants, as well as bio and food factories. This allows the pilot to make his runs and level up the quickest. There are up to 25 sectors in the galaxy map, which fit this characteristic, possibly more based on stations that player built for missions from NPCs. Sector, Local and Universe traders do not require and do not use any information about prices from Satellites or any other player-owned asset to find profitable deals, they use their own information networks for this.