Simple colored Moving Average

Standard simple MA but with different colors when direction is changed. Input parameters are: MA Period MA Type where type 1 – EMA type 2 – SMMA.

As I need a possibility to test Binary Options strategies automated in Strategy-Tester of MetaTrader 4 for long time periods in a short time and to do foward tests on the chart of the broker, this utility was build. All you have to do is add indicator to Made changes to the pattern search algorithm. User didn't leave any comment to the rating.

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fxのフリーのチャートソフト、メタトレーダー4 (mt4)に表示する、インディケーターファイルのリストです。.

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San Francisco Chronicle, Why a purchased version of Binary-Options-Strategy-Tester utility is needed? Related to the license concept of MQL4 this only works if the product has a working license. Therefore you have to purchase the product to test Binary Options strategies or this example. The free library will provide several functions to build your Binary Options strategy easily and to communicate with the Binary-Options-Strategy-Tester. The KVO indicator is used as an example to show the access of external indicators and there ex4 files in section "3.

Now you can go further with section "3. Binary options strategy example" and build the example code by yourself or just download the code of this example below. Download the code of this Binary Options strategy example to let it run without building it by yourself. To compile the needed. The following steps will guide you throgh an example how to build an example Binary Options strategy stored in an Indicator to communicate with Binary-Options-Strategy-Tester.

You can build it by yourself or just download the code of the BinaryOptionsStrategyExample. This strategy is not a profitable Binary Options strategy! It is just an example how to build a strategy in an indicator to communicate with the Binary-Options-Strategy-Tester utility. Of course you have to build a profitable strategy by yourself. But as you will see, this utility will help you to test and improve your Binary Options strategy. First of all we have to define the strategy and the changable values input parameters.

MQL4 documentation shows all technical indicators, which can be adressed over the iCustom interface: Let us say we like to create a simple Moving Average cross strategy with one "fast" and one "slow" Moving Average to trade on next candle after they have crossed each other. Documentation tells, how we can get the value of a single Moving Average: Let us further say, we like to choose values for "MA averaging period" fast and slow and for "applied price" as well as for the "averaging method".

Other values like symbol, timeframe and shift depends on the testcase e. Therefore we basically need the following variables for a Moving Average:. As we need two Moving Averages to check their crosses, we need the following input parameters for the strategy example with some default values:.

You need to build an indicator which stores your Binary Options strategy to drag it on the chart where Binary-Options-Strategy-Tester is running on. The MQL Wizard will appear. Select "Custom Indicator" to create an empty indicator and click on "Next":.

Enter the name, copyright and link of the strategy as well as the input parameters with their types and default values initial values by clicking "Add"-Button and press "Next":.

On tab event handlers select checkbox "OnCalculate" as we need this event to check for our strategy on every tick. On tab drawing properties select checkbox "Indicator in seperate window" as we need a seperate window to print out the debug values.

The initial input parameters are created with the MQL Wizard see 3. In addition comments for the input parameters are added to show the comments as labels instead of variable names:.

With this modifications the input parameters provides a dropdown with the available values to select as well as "labels" for the input parameters:. If you have downloaded and stored the library see 2. Add a call to CallStrategy -function in OnCalculate of your strategy indicator to call the strategy on every new tick. In CheckMyRules -function, which is called through the Binary-Options-Strategy-Library, the conditions for the strategy are implemented and trades are placed through PlaceTrade -function of the library.

Values of both Moving Averages are temporarilly stored in variables to compare them in if-conditions while the values of the Moving Averages are taken from the helper-function GetValuesForMA:. The function PrintDebugValue privides a possibility to print out debug values while the tester is running.

In the example below the values of the Moving Averages are printed out with their variable names as labels:. In addition an external indicator which stores its values in buffers can be accessed for the Binary Options strategy, even if only the compiled ex4-file exists.

Let us say we like to include the signal line of the KVO indicator https: First we have to identify the relevant buffers which stores the relevant values to access. Therefore we press the button "Data Window" in MetaTrader 4 to show all available buffers of the used indicators and drag the KVO indicator on a chart.

By hovering the cross over the chart press mouse-wheel on chart to bring up the cross the buffer values of the indicator of the hovered timeperiod will be shown in data window:.

The data window labels tells us the second buffer value of the indicator stores the signal line. If buffers of indicators did not have labels, we can find the right one by comparing the buffer values with the displayed value under the cross in the chart and indicator. Next we have to know all input parameters of the external indicator we like to access. By draging the indicator on a chart, we see all input paremeters:.

Let us further say, we like to access the indicator with its default values: We use a helper function based on iCostum , wich provides us the possibility to get the values of the indicator with parameters for buffer and shift, while shift 0 will be the value of the current candle, shift 1 the value of the last candle, shift 2 the value of the second to last candle and so on. In addition we temporarilly store the values of the indicator buffer and enhance the if-condition of the strategy:.

It is also possible to enhance the input parameters of our strategy indicator with the values for the used KVO indicator and set the values in helper function by variables. As this tutorial should be just an example and "as simple as possible", this variant is not shown. Below you will find the complete code of the Binary-Options-Strategy-Example from all the steps above, ready to drag on the Binary-Options-Strategy-Tester to test and see the results on chart:.

To do a forward test simply drag the Binary-Options-Strategy-Tester utility and your strategy indicator on your demo or live chart of your broker instead of using it in Strategy-Tester:. Why do you show an example of a non profitable Binary Options strategy? This is just an example how to build a strategy in an Indicator to communicate with the Binary-Options-Strategy-Tester utility in marketplace to test and improve your strategy. Binary-Options-Strategy-Tester stops after the exact amount of losses with error "Array out of range".

Binary-Options-Strategy-Tester can rise an error after x losses to stop Tester and to analyse the situaion on the chart. If you do not want to, just switch off the option in settings. No arrows appear on chart after I draged my indicator with a working strategy on it. You have to enable "Allow external expert imports" on the "common" tab while you drag your strategy-indicator on the chart log message will show an error in this case.

No arrows appear on chart after I draged my indicator with a working strategy on it with "Allow external expert imports" enabled. A strategy has to call a function of Binary-Options-Strategy-Tester to place virtual trades. Related to the MQL4 license concept this only works if the product has a working license. Therefore you have to purchase the product. No arrows appear on chart after I dragged my indicator with a working strategy on it and I got errors like "Cannot call..