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One method of filtering out this noise, which is also the focus of this section, is known as the kagi chart. Kagi Chart Construction Kagi charts are comprised of a series of vertical lines that depend on price action rather than on time like the mainstream charts such as line , bar or candlestick charts.

As seen in the chart below, the first thing that traders will notice is that the lines on a kagi chart vary in thickness depending on what the price of the asset is doing. Sometimes the lines are thin, while at other times the lines will be thick and bolded. The varying thicknesses of the lines and their direction represents the most important aspect of a kagi chart because this is what traders use to generate transaction signals.

For related reading, see Analyzing Chart Patterns. MetaStock Kagis and Candlesticks The different thickness of the lines on a kagi chart may seem confusing at first glance so let's walk through an example of Apple Computer Inc. We've also attached a regular candlestick chart to several of the kagi charts to illustrate what the price of the underlying asset has done to cause a certain change to the kagi chart.

This example will make it easier to fully understand how a kagi chart is created. As seen in Figure 2, the price of AAPL shares started to fall shortly after the start date of our chart. As the price fell, a vertical line was created on the kagi chart, and the bottom of this vertical line was equal to the lowest closing price.

If the next period's close were to be lower than the current bottom on the line, then the line would continue to extend downward to equal the new low. As seen from the chart below, the reversal is shown by a small horizontal line to the right followed by a vertical line in the direction of the reversal. The reversal was good news for many traders because this was the first bullish kagi signal that was generated since the chart was created in early May.

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