The Upside to Trading Up for Draft Choices

Let's talk about trading up in the NFL Draft. Does it work? What are the ramifications? Can the Green Bay Packers do it this year? Probably .

It also eliminates the occasional issues I have had with the tach gearbox rotating around, as the distributor points stud is no longer there to ground out.

Inmate gets 45 years for guard attack

Are social networking sites good for society? Around seven out of ten Americans (69%) use social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, as of , up from 26% in

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The essential condition for such mixed marriages is that the mother be Jewish, since Orthodox Rabbis recognize as Jewish only the child born of a Jewish mother. Wildflower's tonneau cover has bugged me since I got the car. It bunched up around the seat back, didn't really fit very well, and the edges were always fraying. However, a recent business trip netted me some extra cash for expenses per diem goes a long way when you eat at McDonald's about the same time a new tonneau cover showed up on eBay.

Unfortunately, the old cover had been whipped up by an upholstery shop that did not have proper specifications, so the mounting pegs for some of the fasteners did not work for the correctly tailored item. Just little ones, and they came out fine.

But it was traumatic using a punch on the body panels, and even more so watching the drill bit cut into metal. We installed the fasteners one at a time, removing the tonneau each time and reinstalling after to make sure everything lined up.

Our care was rewarded with a really nice installation that stayed on when I drove Wildlfower home at 60 MPH on the Interstate tonight 37 degrees - Brrrr. On a side note, we worked on Richard's TD after the tonneau was done. It started running badly exactly a year ago after a long drive and Richard has tried new spark plugs, wires, cap, setting points, new fuel filters, etc.

We discovered that the needle valve in the back carb was stuck and the bowl was bone dry. After cleaning the needle valve, the car started right up and ran great! A friend from the antique car club rode along despite the top-down, no-heater ride in 30s temperatures. Wildflower got lots of waves and compliments, and of course, performed flawlessly. I just got in a new tonneau cover from eBay to replace the ill-fitting one that came with her. It has bugged me for 5 years - time to take care of it.

I'll try to get out to Richard's this weekend to see if we can get it done. About 65 miles, mostly cruising at 60, with nary a hiccup.

The day was beautiful, and the turnout as impressive - close to cars that included about 40 Ferraris the featured marque of this year's show , Maseratis, Jaguars, Porsche's, etc. Sibling Eleanor also showed up with her human Susan Bond. Wildflower was the first vintage MG to arrive and got the prime location on the crest of a hill where she could be seen clearly - I had put together a set of flagpoles with an MG Flag and Union Jack and they made the perfect touch, along with her picnic basket complete with MG TC labeled wine bottle, and a new display sign I made up yesterday.

I thought the preparations might have been for naught when Eleanor was awarded Best in Class, but a big surprise was in store.

Wildflower was selected as Best in Show! July 2 6, - Today turned out to be quite a workout for Wildflower - we started off heading for a car club event about 40 miles away and ended up having to make a much longer back route to avoid heavy traffic. Rolling 65 with traffic was no issue, and she got plenty of honks and waves from admiring drivers and passengers.

The event itself was great fun - rolling through the Yorktown battlefield site and looking for clues to questions. There were over people taking part, with lots of old cars to look at. None as pretty as Wildflower, of course, but still Anyway, a group of us took the Jamestown Ferry and back roads to avoid the ever-present Summer traffic, but despite switching route several ties en-route, Wildflower and I got stuck in several long bumper-to-bumper jams.

Happily, she put up with the high temperatures and creeping pace with no complaints, and we completed the normally minute drive in 2 and a half hours! July 23 , - Wildflower hasn't been quite her peppy self lately, so I checked the points and found that they had closed up almost completely! It's probably 3, miles or more since I cleaned and adjusted them, which I did tonight. She is running great again - minor maintenance that I tend to forget in these days of electronic everything.

July 11 , - I am a sucker for spare parts, especially when they are very hard to get and can be a critical item. Case in point is Wildflower's gas tank- stuck on the back and easy prey to tailgaters. Most, including mine, have also had rust issues over the nearly 70 years they have held fuel. This tank came from MG TC , and had been professionally cleaned, stripped, and sealed before being stored some years ago.

I saw it on eBay and was amazed that it did not get snapped up quickly. It's one of the most critical major items on the car. Anyway, I ended up buying it OK, it was not cheap, but a really good buy and the seller did a super job of building a crate to protect it.

June 24, - I took Wildflower down to the car display and had a great time. The weather was a little hot, but no rain and a slight breeze made things bearable. Then the Great race cars started to show up. Anyway, I was able to bring the TC over for a shot with the movie car. Despite appearances, Wildflower is close to 20 years older!

June 23, - I took the Jag out to Richard's tonight and got the box of TC carb parts I had left over there while we sorted out his car. As I thought, a brand new pair of carb top nuts were there. I cleaned them up and put them on after topping the carbs with a bit of oil. We are going over to take part in a special display for the Great American Race, which is stopping in Portsmouth tomorrow night.

Great film if you haven't seen it. June 14, - Wildflower made the dash plaque for a local car show, along with her sister Studebaker, so both got driven over this morning.

It was a nice show and a beautiful day. The TC got a lot of attention as usual, but I noticed that her performance was down a bit on the drive over. When I opened the hood to show off the engine, I saw that the top cap of the rear carb had come off. It probably vibrated off during the rally last week. That means a major air leak. I have spares in the carb parts box I left over at Richard's so I'll get it replaced soon.

I was reminded how well the TC makes use of its The cars regrouped at the Surry House restaurant for a staggered start on the rally route. Happily, it was simple directions only - no timing or tricks. The weather was perfect and Wildflower ran perfectly of course. She flipped over miles, which means I've put about on her since she arrived from Florida in The roads were great - almost empty of traffic, twisty, and very scenic.

I had great fun tooling along at the 45 and 55 mph speed limits, though I ended up catching and passing the car ahead of me they missed a turn, I didn't pass.

They had monster soft shell crab sandwiches, but I opted for the club sandwich, followed by some very good key lime pie. Sue and I headed home after a side trip to see the equine Wildflower that the car is named after. It was a great day and a great time! June 5, - The MG TC came with a wire mesh air cleaner element permanently embedded in a long tin can on the left. Difficult to clean, not very effective, and until recently, impossible to replace.

The reproduction he provides on the right is not only a great reproduction visually, it includes an easily replaced paper filter. The new filter is also much better looking than the slightly battered original. However, I rarely deny Wildflower anything, especially when it is both functional and pretty. Getting it installed was not quite a direct bolt-in, mostly due to the heavier construction.

The original is more recycled tin cans compared to the new one's rigid aluminum casting, which meant nothing flexed. The center bolt at the top is also a size larger, which meant the retainer straps from the valve cover had to be drilled out slightly.

The overall canister is also slightly wider, which stretched the straps a bit, but they worked OK. June 1, - I have been looking all over the car for a turn signal relay box that was used in TCs and TDs to have brake and turn signals share the same bulbs. I figured something in the complex relay box had gone bad. However, while tracing the wires to find it, I pulled back the interior kick panel and discovered the brake light feed wire caught under a body bolt. Turns out it's the other side of the bolt that I used to install a hood prop brackets - I was working blind and did not know there was a wire there, and ended up pinching it.

The washer gradually ate through the insulation, which started shorting out the brakes. And ironically, it was the point I was using for ground to check for shorts! The other discovery I made was that the car does not have a relay box - it has never had turn signals in the original lights at all! The car came with a plug-in LED rear light bar that has the turn signals. The connector plug had been damaged when it fell on the tailpipe, so I rewired everything with a new plug and conduits, and zip-tied everything well away of the tailpipe.

I now have excellent lights, which will be a big help at night. We ended up being a one-car show for almost another hour, as the rest of the show field had decided to sleep in and didn't even leave the hotel until just before 9!

Wildflower received First Place in the TC class, but also earned me a 'Flaming Floorboards' book for losing her brake lights due to an electrical short. I think she has been talking to the Jaguar! Despite the electrical glitch the drive up and back was easy and uneventful, and the weather was great. A wonderful day to own a TC! The chip was pretty nasty, with a jagged white center and some cracking all around.

I pulled the windshield before going to work and dropped it off. While they were not able to make is vanish, the folks at Safelite in Hampton did an amazing job of cleaning things up. I put the windshield back in and started cleanup for the show. It's going to rain tomorrow, leaving me just Friday night after work to wash and polish.

Then it's back to Willilamsburg for the GOF! April 12, - There were ten T-Types in the car show today, but Wildflower once again took first place. He followed me to the show, but commented "What have you got under the hood? I could barely keep up with you! I've also had that complaint from a friend in a Mustang V Wildflower is bone stock in every respect - she just makes very good use of all her We had a great time at the show - I packed a picnic lunch of sliced fresh-baked French bread, butter, and sharp cheddar cheese, with bottled water.

I had lined the bottom of the picnic basket with silver foil, but a bottle of cream soda came open on the way, and I had to clean off the back end of the car when I arrived. Note to self - no sodas in the picnic basket! One sour note - on the way home, a truck threw up a stone that chipped the windshield.

Hopefully I can get it fixed. April 10, - With the Williamsburg show just a couple of days off, I took an hour early from work and spent some time cleaning Wildflower up and making sure she was ready for the drive. One tire was low, but everything else was good. Bad news is that Eleanor is down with leaky rear wheel seals - her owners are in the middle of a seal replacement and won't have her done in time for the show.

And Richard's TC is all better, but he is recovering from a medical procedure and won't be there either. So Wildflower may be the only TC there. The weather looks like it will be great, and I am looking forward to a long run.

March 29, - Nearly three months of nasty, cold, wet weather later, I finally got the nerf bumpers on Wildflower! I actually got a start on it after the January Show, but needed to make rubber gaskets for the nerf bases and couldn't find anything that would work. A rubber wheel liner strip turned out to be perfect for the gasket material, and I got them cut and punched out the holes with a deep socket and a hammer. You have to take the wiring out of the horn and light to pull the badge bar, but I was able to juggle things and get it all back together while being crammed between the back bench and Wildflower.

It was raining all day, so I had to do the work in her garage. I also finally got her tax disc mounted - this is a reproduction of the British road tax disc the car would have had from the factory, with all the correct numbers and stamps. All that is left is some cleaning. I fired her up today and let her run for a while - purred happily - I think she was pleased to be in her private garage all snug and covered up while the rain, wind, and snow came and went.

January 12, - It's all over, and though Wildflower was very popular, she did not win the Grand Prize. That honor went to a lime green Barracuda convertible that none of us thought anyone was paying attention to! I talked to families, retired couples, lots of small kids who wanted to sit in her they did , and a fair number of teen motor heads who probably identified more with her 4-cylinder engine than the big V-8s in the other cars. The picnic basket was also a big hit. And I got her replated Nerf bumpers back from Hanlon Plating yesterday, so they can go on this week.

January 09, - Tony Scarpelli and I drove over to the car show this morning - 30 degrees and 60 mph makes for some frozen fingertips, but the TC didn't seem to mind. Expected traffic was missing, and we got there a half-hour early. That put us first in line, which normally didn't mean much since spaces were assigned. However, this year you picked your own spot, so first-come first-served!

Being at the front of the line when the door was pushed open, I snagged the prime spot on the outside left in the glass main entrance, while Tony snagged the opposing spot on the right.

I installed her Midge radiator ornament and was encouraged by a couple of the ladies to set up the picnic basket. I also put together a display sign to tell Wildflower's story, since I won't be there most of the time. January 08, - I gave the TC a quick bath Saturday when the temperatures got higher than freezing and it wasn't raining, but did not have time to get her undersides cleaned up.

Our long drive a few weeks ago left dirt and tar under the fenders and on the wheels, so I went out last night it was a balmy 30 degrees, compared to 15 degrees of the previous few days. The knock-off wire wheels make it easy to get things apart, and I had all four wheels and fenders cleaned up in short order.

I also took the precaution of wiring the picnic basket to the rack as a backup to the leather straps. We roll over to the Hampton Roads International Car Show tomorrow morning - she is ready to be admired!

January 01, - The license plate frame and plate are now attached, and I got some nice leather ladies belts that make perfect luggage straps for the picnic basket. Wildflower is pretty much ready for the show next week, except for getting her cleaned and detailed. The plate came with masking tape already covering everything top. I used an Exacto blade to cut away the background tape center , and then gave it three coats of satin black bottom.

Then the plate got baked in the oven at degrees for 30 minutes - should be very durable. Looks like good weather on Wednesday, so I'll get the backing plate and plate installed then. December 28, - Another unseasonably nice day today - sunny and 60! Santa did indeed bring the wind wings, and Moss got the new luggage rack and license plate holder to me Tuesday, so I got a start on sprucing things up.

The wind wings were a 5-minutes job. However, the luggage rack prompted a detour to Ace Hardware for stainless washers, bolts and acorn nuts to replace the standard hardware that came with the rack kit. The acorn nuts match a lot of other standard TC hardware, and the stainless bolts will hold up better on the vertical mounts where they attach to the frame.

And everything got a dab of Locktite to keep it from vibrating loose. The new picnic basket fits great. I also cleaned up the Midge radiator ornament, which needed a bit of thread cleaning and a new retainer bolt. That was a plain flat steel backing, and the mounting bolts would push the plate out.

So I created recesses in the backing plate using a large bolt clamped in the vise and a big socket. The resulting dimple in the metal will let me attach the backing plate and keep the actual license plate flat. I cleaned up the metal and gave it a fresh coat of satin black - looks almost factory! December 23, - Because Wildflower was having to go through shows where originality was important, I put the fun 'goodies' on Eleanor at right - said goodies being wind wings, nerf bumpers, and the luggage rack that all went with her.

Now that Wildflower has her Grand National, I decided it was time to even the score. I have it on good authority that Santa is bringing her wind wings, and I ordered a luggage rack from Moss. And today, I drove all the way to Richmond about an hour from work to get a really nice picnic basket with full service for four that will fit perfectly on that luggage rack.

It even has wine glasses in a special inner case, plus matching napkins and tablecloth. I also dropped the nerf bumpers off to be replated, along with a hood ornament for the Pontiac. Those won't be ready for the 'Ultimate Convertible' car show, but the rest will be! December 21, - This may be the first day of Winter, but it was mostly sunny and 75 degrees! I have to note that one small boy on the ferry, after being given the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of each of our cars, said he liked Wildflower best.

From the mouths of babes I started the day off with a photo shoot for our dash plaque We used John Heimerl's Imperial airflow coupe out at the Military Aviation Museum, which was a good 35 miles away. I drove the TC out there, so all told today I drove over miles! Wildflower did super, as did all three cars.

An absolutely fantastic day! December 11, - It looks like all eyes will once again be on Wildflower! I almost didn't enter because she was selected for the 'Ultimate Car' display and didn't think they would pick her twice.

Silly me - how could anyone resist the allure of those sweeping fenders and sparkling wire wheels? Anyway, cleaning and polishing ensues!! November 21, - Poor Wildflower has been largely ignored the past few months - between a lot of work-related travel, a bunch of car events, and messing with the new Porsche, I have done little more than pet her hood every couple of weeks. So I bought her some jewelry as an apology.

I always liked the 'antenna' bumpers I had for Eleanor, and was able to get a really nice set off eBay Saturday. The seller had them boxed and to the Post Office the same day, and they arrived yesterday. Hopefully she'll forgive me for my lack of attention. September 15, - I spent all day yesterday cleaning and polishing Wildflower, and also replaced the leaking valve cover gasket. I also installed some hood prop rods that I have had for years - they hold the sides up without folding them over - makes for great display and access for working on the engine!

Despite dozens of other MGs, nearly a hundred other British cars, and a total of well over exotic imports, our TCs enjoyed a lion's share of attention. However, when awards time came, a lady pulled up to let Sue know she had won, and that I 'didn't win this year.

So we both went home winners. You just can't beat a TC. And I have to note that we both drove our cars there, unlike a lot of the 'losers'. September 8, - Next weekend is the big Classics on the Green car show at the new Kent Winery, and I spent some time today getting Wildflower ready.

One item that has been languishing for years is the reproduction NOL oil can and bracket. Wildflower had the holes for the bracket welded up when she was restored, and I was reluctant to try drilling them back out. The can looks nice, and is what would have been there when she came from the factory. I'll be spending evenings this week cleaning and polishing.

August 8, - I recently had the embarrassing experience of running out of gas again in the TC. Without a gas gauge, I have to rely on remembering to check the tank with a wooden level stick before I leave. Unfortunately, I have been driving the car spasmodically with all the odd issues that kept it from running properly, and I rather obviously have not checked the fuel as often as I should.

While i still have to remember to check the tank, I just got in a metal tank stick that stays in the tank all the time.

Instead of peering in and guessing when I am away from home, I can get an accurate fuel level reading. Of course, I still have to remember to check it. Get a leak-proof 1-gallon can to keep in the back. August 6, - Wildflower is running great - took her to the MG Club picnic tonight and had a smooth run.

The new gasket is leaking a bit in the back - I tightened the thumbscrews a bit more and will have to keep an eye one it. Even so, it's great to have the car back to her old dependable self. July 30, - The valve cover gasket has been leaking a bit so I got a new one from Moss.

I'd used Permatex gasket sealant before, which did fine for a while. But I used the hardening flexible sealant instead of the non-hardening and it eventually started seeping. Hopefully the non-hardening sealer will hold up better.

July 27, - Looks like I may have finally solved the high-speed stutter. Wildflower has been stumbling at high RPMs for a while, and resisted efforts to be cured. I've always used the reproduction coil from Moss that looks like the original Lucas coil, but is made in China.

I have three of them as it turns out, having bought them at different times trying to cure ignition woes. It doesn't look correct, but Wildflower's high-RPM range is sputter-free!

I drover her around enough to get her warmed up, and tried Interstate and city driving. She seems to be back to her old, reliable, and sporty self! July 20, - I took Wildflower out for a short run to test the steering, which felt great. Tracking fine and no play. However, I decided to go further and rolled out to a local cruise-in I had been to earlier in the day with the Cougar.

She sti;ll has some stumble as high RPMs. I am beginning to suspect the condenser. I'll try a total electrical tune-up, with new coil, condenser, points, plugs, and adjustment of the timing. However, while I was at the cruise-in I decided to go further and help out a friend who was having computer problems. After a couple of hours there, I headed home on the Interstate and had the car sputter and start to lose power. Then she started missing.

I made it to an exit, but she stalled at the next stoplight. Some guys stopped to help push the car across the intersection, but when I tried her she fired up and ran long enough to make it on her own. Only to die as soon as I was safely in the parking lot. It was only then I heard the rapid ticking of the electronic fuel pump. It does that when you first start the car Wildflower has no fuel gage and the low fuel light doesn't work.

Happily, a friend in the car club lived close by and arrived with 5 gallons of gas in short order Thanks, Mickey! Wildflower started right up and zoomed home without further issue. July 15, - Back under the hood for some more maintenance - this time to correct some excessive play in the steering wheel. Again, this was a 5-minute fix that involved nothing more than loosing the adjuster locknut, turning the screw in a bit, and retightening the locknut.

One annoying thing - I wanted to check and top off the oil in the steering box, but the rubber plugs she has a VW Bug conversion you have to pull are coming apart. I need to get new ones before I try removing them, and only one place so far has them. Guess I have to call tomorrow. July 8, - I took Wildflower out for a run at the end of May and had some minor issues with her - stumbling and loss of power.

I thought it was vapor lock from a long stint of rush hour traffic. Then things kept me busy and her in the garage until yesterday, when I took her for a nice long run, eventually ending up at my parents'. No issues except for some stumbling on acceleration, at least until I got within a mile of the house on I She started stumbling, losing power, and backfiring. I just barely got her home, running on what sounded like 2 cylinders, and with a very obvious exhaust leak.

I opened the right side hood and could find no looseness or play in the manifolds, and no signs of an exhaust leak. Then I opened the left side and saw.. Count the plugs - see the one laying on the generator? It had vibrated loose and blown out. Two other plugs were also very loose. I put the escapee back in place, torqued everything down and she fired right up with no issues at all! That's the kind of car trouble I can take - got me home and was fixed in 5 minutes!

May 18 , - A mile 'Square Car Tour' for my antique car club was threatened today by rain and thunderstorms, but both Eleanor's owner and I figured the cars wouldn't melt. It was actually a mile drive just to get to the starting point, but the rain let up while I was getting the TC ready and stayed away except for a short period where the car was inside a barn!

The pre-check turned up a low left rear tire, and more importantly, a tube valve stem that was twisted and under stress. I pulled the tire off the car and was able to turn the tire around on the wheel to center the stem again, and then get everything back together in a matter of minutes. Then it was off to Pungo, a backwoods region of Virginia Beach. The two TCs and a 57 T-bird parked in a barn, which prevented them from getting wet during a short downpour while we had donuts and coffee.

Amazingly, even more folks turned up for the run than had signed up, and by the time we were ready to roll out, the rain had stopped and stayed away for the entire run! Wildflower did great - I suspect the bad carb float has been an issue for a long time.

And it was good to see Eleanor out and in use, along with all the other vintage iron. Would you believe the tour was led by a 90 year--old Model T Ford? That's the REAL joy of owning an old car - using it! Both Wildflower and Richard's TC were running fine after the float transplants. Richard trailered his car, but Wildflower and Eleanor both arrived under their own power with nary a hiccup, running about 50 or so miles one way.

Terry and Sue have been doting on Eleanor and she showed it - and also took first place for the T-series class overall! While Wildflower would have preferred to be first herself, she was happy to see her younger sister shine both literally and figuratively today.

Though her human had to suffer many comments about how he 'sold the wrong TC'. April 9, - Ah, the joys of working on 65 year-old cars. Moss got the Nitrophyl floats to me today, along with the gaskets and washers I ordered on Sunday. Unfortunately, the new floats black one in the center were much bigger than the old floats small brass one on the left.

Either I have TA or TB carbs with smaller bowls, or the wrong bowls were used somewhere in the past 6-plus decades. Luckily, I had the original carbs and TC manifold I took off just over a year ago with the correct bowls. I just swapped the setup back around, though I did put the new floats in That's one of the correct TC brass floats on the right.

I also have a couple of sets of correct float bowls and lids to fix the set I took off. The car started right up and ran smooth and steady, with no leaks. After warming the engine up, I shut her down and pulled the drain plug and oil filter.

She'll get fresh lube tomorrow - with the back carb dumping fuel, some of it may have gotten into the crankcase. I'm hoping to get TC fixed tomorrow.

April 7, - TC Tantrum? I took Wildflower out to visit TC today. Richard's TC has had some stumbling and missing issues that we thought might have been timing issues. I've had some trouble recently with erratic performance that I thought might be plugs. We took the TCs out for a short run, and Richard immediately ran into trouble. Then my TC started missing and sputtering. We stopped to swap out spark plugs and discovered a bad coil wire end that made no difference when corrected.

I swapped out for a new set of plugs in Wildflower as well - both cars continued to sputter. However, when we finally got the cars back home, Richard noticed that the overflow tube for my back carb was spitting fuel. Turns out the float had a leak and was slowly sinking.

I was able to get her home, and have ordered new plastic floats from Moss - seems that Ethanol eats away the solder seals on the brass floats. I dug up some new wires, cap, rotor, and points for Richard's TC - we are hoping to have both cars back on the road for the Williamsburg British Car Show this Saturday!

March 10, - All three TCs got together today for some fun in the sun. We stopped off at Richard's on the way back and soon enough, his red TC joined the tour for an encore performance. It was great to see all three TCs rolling along.

It was a great day for cruising, though still a little brisk. But for early March it was amazing! Richard has been hard at work getting a new carpet kit installed, and was ready to get the seats back in.

However, we faced a minor dilemma when it came time to install the driver's side bracket. The Brooklands steering wheel was a tight fit going on and we didn't want to risk damage to the hub trying to get it off. Problem was that I order to install the screws, we had to flip the bracket up perpendicular to the floor.

Richard came up with the obvious solution that hadn't been so obvious to me - we had assembled the Brooklands wheel, so it was just a matter of undoing 4 10mm bolts to disassemble it again! With some careful measuring of the old holes, we got the rest of the assembly done in short order and put the wheel back together. Richard did a great job with the carpet, which is from Moss Motors. The interior looks great! Wildflower and I took a ride out to Richard's where we installed a new Brooklands steering wheel on TC I haven't had her out for a couple of months due to other things going on.

She performed flawlessly I did check the petrol level before we left and got her usual honks, waves, and smiles from other motorists. My friends, feast your eyes on an original underdash wiring cover for an MG TC, complete with mounting brackets and oak stiffeners! They were usually removed and thrown away after the first dashboard problem. This one was hung in a garage about by the seller's father.

It was the only MG part the guy had, and it was pure dumb luck that I checked it out. I had two other TC owners stop me to take photos as I was walking it back to the car. I drove Wildflower to the show today and had friend Terry Bond take Rodney.

She performed perfectly, running cool and smooth at 65 all the way to New Kent. She got a lot of waves and honks, and earned First Place in Vintage MGs - following in her sister's tire tracks, as it were. Wildflower had a bit of trouble on the way home though - turns out her rather doltish human had not checked her petrol level and ran her out of gas! Once the situation was remedied, she resumed her effortless cruise home, even in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Rodney did not do so well, but that story is reserved for his page. Eleanor won first place last year, so she has a lot to live up to. Anyway, I have been wanting to get a power adapter rigged up so I can use a GPS in the TC, and finally got busy today and put one together.

TCs have a power socket set in the middle of the dash for hooking up trouble lights. I got a plug to with the sockets, then got a single-to-dual outlet splitter and cut off one of the extension outlets to hook up.

You have to be very careful about polarity - the TC has positive ground, opposite of modern cars. I tested the polarity and then painted the plug red for the matching side. It seems to work fine. I have been neglecting all of my other cars to focus on Mildred, the Pontiac I bought back in June. However, today was Wildflower's. I got her ready to go a bit of air in one rear tire and took off for Richard's. She ran perfectly and got plenty of attention as always. We ran through a light sprinkle at one point, but the rest of the drive was sunny and pleasant.

I'm sorry to report that the man who performed the wonderful restoration on her in Florida has closed up shop and is heading back to the UK. It's a shame that someone who did such perfect work couldn't make it as an inexpensive one-man business, while other shops I have seen turn out incorrect and sometimes sloppy 'restorations' and charge a fortune.

I was fortunate to benefit from his attention to detail. And her horn had gone silent. We had promised to attend a car display with the TRAACA this afternoon, so a few hours in the morning were devoted to solving these niggles. Having 'suicide' doors, the latch was my primary consideration. They are new, and pretty basic, so the first thing was to remove, clean and lubricate. However, the culprit turned out to be the upholstery piping behind the latch, which had rolled a bit and was binding the simple lever.

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